Investigation Counsel Professional Corporation is currently investigating a proposed class action against Symantec Corporation, the maker of Norton security and antivirus software. Those affected are all consumers who paid for Norton branded security and antivirus software anytime between August 2010 through June 2016.

This investigation arises out of recent news reports that, for at least seven years, there were critical defects in a large number of Norton security and antivirus software products. Not only did these longstanding and serious defects make the protection and security features of Norton antivirus software products less effective, they also allegedly made users of those products more susceptible to security breaches due to hacking, malware, and computer viruses. Investigation Counsel believes that any consumer who purchased these allegedly defective Norton security and antivirus software products may be entitled to compensation.


On November 14, 2018, the Ontario Court certified this action as a class proceeding and appointed the plaintiffs as representative plaintiffs for the class.

If you DO wish to participate in this class action – then do nothing! Class Members who want to participate in this class action are automatically included and need not do anything at this time.

If you DO NOT want to participate in the class actions – then you must opt out! To opt out, you must do so by no later than February 25, 2019, in accordance with the instructions set out in the Notice here.

Key Points

It is alleged that Norton software was defective in the following ways;

  • Extracting files within a critical part of the user’s operating system, leaving users much more vulnerable to malicious software such as worms and viruses;
  • Exposing users to remote code execution, which allows third parties (hackers) to access users computers and files without any action by the user;
  • The usage of open source code without installing readily available updates that would have fixed bugs and vulnerabilities in that open source code; and
  • The software served as a “threat vector”, with users being exposed to greater threats than if they had not used the software at all.

Affected Norton Products:

  • Norton™ AntiVirus
  • Norton™ Internet Security
  • Norton™ Security
  • Norton™ Security with Backup
  • Norton 360™
  • NortonTM One

No Cost to You

Law firm Investigation Counsel Professional Corporation provides its legal services under a contingency fee retainer agreement.  This means that it will be paid only if the class action is successful and there is a settlement or judgement in favor of the class.  If the action is successful, either through judgment or a settlement, its fees will be determined by the Court, and the Court may order that these fees be paid out of the settlement proceeds or directly by the defendants based on a judgment.

If the class action is not successful, you will NOT be responsible for any fees or costs and will NOT have any other financial obligations by participating in this class action

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